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Cecilio Morales, portrait

Experience at the Helm

MII Publications operates under the editorial direction of Cecilio J. Morales, the publisher and editor-in-chief, a journalist with experience in every aspect of specialized publications in North America, Britain and Latin America. A native New Yorker, Morales joined the staff of MII Publications — then known as Manpower Information, Inc. — in 1984.

Shortly thereafter, the publication’s founder retired. The late Stanley H. Ruttenberg, an economist, had been a policy analyst in the AFL-CIO and became a policymaker in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations prior to launching, in 1969, the Employment & Training Reporter — originally called the Manpower Information Service — in partnership with the Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.

In 1989, MII Publications severed its relationship with BNA. Morales became executive editor and later publisher. He became chief executive officer of MII Publications in June 1997.

In the decades since he assumed leadership, Morales has watched developments in the field, trained the company’s many reporters and editors, met with numerous key officials and analyzed countless studies. In directing the company's flagship publication, the Employment & Training Reporter, Morales has aimed to maintain the reputation for fair, authoritative and in-depth reporting that has made it the journal of record in its field. He brought the same penchant for thorough and precise journalism to Welfare to Work, which he launched in 1992, and School to Work, launched in 1994; he later merged both publications with the Employment & Training Reporter.

In June 2009, Morales celebrated his 25th year with MII Publications, where he has contributed, either as reporter, editor or publisher to thousands of issues of The Employment & Training Reporter, the weekly where he got his start in the company.

Policy Experience

Senior Editor Ryan Hess joined MII Publications in 2002, beginning a specialization in reporting on workforce development programs and policies. His editorial philosophy is grounded in explaining what new findings and developments mean to both the workforce development professionals and the jobseeker on their doorstep and looking past programmatic silos to see what is going on across the field. Hess began his career as a general assignment and municipal beat reporter for The Intelligencer and The Express-Times, leading local newspapers in southeastern Pennsylvania. Working in local news, he reported on the complex machinery of public school districts, jointly managed regional technical schools and community college districts, and first witnessed state and federal policies taking effect at the local level.

  Cecilio J. Morales